Pinterest is a LIE | eCommerce lessons from Japana

pinterest is a lie retail business

When you’re in retail business, one of the most daunting and difficult to arrange tasks (right after the process of the product sourcing and production) is creating marketing materials.
If you’re in high-end, luxurious goods such as kitchen accessories, you need to make sure the photos of your products are crystal clear, ideally, presented in a beautiful kitchen interior.
As you can imagine, finding the right studio / space to photograph everything is a nightmare. Your success depend on so many factors, starting from lighting (day light is always the best but you can help yourself with good lighting equipment), beautiful, clean spaces, logistics and finally – products themselves.
It’s not so bad if you’re selling small size products which can be easily transported.
So what do most of the companies selling products of large dimensions do?
They render them.

In case you were not aware by now, almost all of interior design inspiration photos on Instagram and Pinterest are not real. They are 3d rendered spaces which these days look so realistic, that companies like furniture designers don’t actually need to spend money to prototype and photograph everything.
Once there is a demand for a particular product, the company start the production.

What’s more, many of the small size beauty such as creams or even food – is rendered too. We’re still away from replacing real-life models to create fashion lookbooks, but we’ll get there.
For now, we have Instagram star non-existing celebrities such as Miquela Sousa @lilmiquela who (what?) so far gathered 1.5m followers and still counting.

Mixing realities.

While Miquela Sousa may not exist, her contracts with real-life brands do and make lots of money for Miquela’s creators.

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