Good enough is often the best

good enough

I have a tendency of polishing things until they become irrelevant and so they never see a daylight, making my effort go to waste. 

It nearly happened with this post – sometime ago I decided to publish semi-professional-mainly-personal notes every Friday. I both love and hate Linkedin for its easiness in connecting with others but with all this abundance, most people here treat the definition of a connection – ‘loose’ at best, ‘a number’ at most. So, by publishing I can present what I stand for and what I do professionally in this non intrusive, non-salesly way. 

But getting back to my main point – unfinished ‘business’. I planned to publish this post yesterday so I’m already passed my deadline. 

I used to labelling all I publish for not being good enough. I don’t feel like it’s finished. It most things never is. 

I still do compare myself to others but I try to stick by my deadlines and tasks I commit to. Even when ticking it as “done” feels uncomfortable.  

Read and write – this is ad advise most accredited people whom I met reapeatingly highlight. Share what you know with others because even if it feels for you unfinished, not enough professional, others may still find value at it and bond with you.  

Ps. Photo from last month where I did a nasty cuckoo on a scooter hours before my friend’s Greek wedding. Nearby pharmacies were closed so I needed to get creative. This mask patch was also ‘good enough’ for what i needed to do – protect my dress from a nasty blood stain 🙂

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